What is a lamp Harp?

A harp is a component of a lamp that is used for holding and supporting the lampshade. A harp consists of a saddle, thread, and harp itself. It is U or oval in shape. Harp connects to the saddle at the lower and extending to upward around the bulb. The saddle attaches to the socket and harp.

Threaded rod attach to the top of the harp through which we joint the lampshade spider.

Brass and nickel materials are used in the harps. At the top, we use a finial to tighten the lampshade.

Roll of harp in lamps

Harp is used for holding and supporting the lampshade. The main function of the harp is to create a gap between shade and bulb.

All harps are made of a common design and it has the same material as the material used in the base of the lamp. However, we can attach them to the other design shades like coolie, square, cylinder, etc.

A Saddle holds the bulb socket to the base of the lamp. Use the correct shade by hiding the light bulb and harp.

How to install, replace, and adjust lamp Harps?

To install the lamp harp follow a few steps if your lamp has a saddle.

  1. Plug-in bulb socket into the base of the lamp
  2. Insert the bulb into the socket
  3. Attach the new harp to saddle
  4. Tie the spider on the top of the harp.
  5. Screw the finial carefully
  6. If the height of the harp is 9″-10″ then use an 11″ lampshade

If a lamp has no saddle then directly attach the harp to the socket.

Changing a lamp harp

  • Unplug the electric wire
  • Remove the spider from the lampshade
  • Remove the bulb from the socket
  • Exchange the lamp harp

What are the main types of lamp harps?

There are two main types of lamp harps.

  1. Regular Weight Harp
  2. Heavy-duty Weight Harp

Both types of lamp harps have different diameters of harp wire, and usually, both are made of different materials.

Regular weight harp

A regular weight harp is usually made of nickel or brass plating. Its size range from 4″ to 15″. It is thinner than a heavy-duty-weight harp. The outside diameter of a regular harp wire is approximately 0.18″. Regular weight harp is protected by a coating.

Heavy duty weight harp

Heavy-duty weight lamp harp size/height range from 6″ to 15″. It is also made from brass plated, nickel plated, and antique finishes. It’s a little bit heavier than a regular harp. Heavy-duty weight harp wire thickness is approximately 0.195″.

Should I use a Regular Weight or Heavy Duty weight harp on my lamp?

A regular weight harp is lamps companies base standard. Due to thickness it is easily flexible and fixes into the saddle fast as compared to a heavy-duty weight harp.

So we recommend you use a regular harp if you want your lamp to be lightweight and easy to adjust.

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