What is a Stiffel lamp?

TL;DR: Stiffel is the company name that produces luxury and branded lamps. A stiffel lamp is a work of art. Artist and professional designer make Stiffel lamps.

The first Stiffel Lamp Company was founded in 1932. This company is famous in America due to its unique and touching heart product. It is expensive compared to other lamps.

There is three-step to making a stiffel lamp.

  1. Planning for the lamp to be created for an environment/room.
  2. Designing the shape of that lamp.
  3. Building the actual product

That is why stiffel lamps are soo expensive. Stiffel lamps are art techniques that arrange the parts of lamps and which types of material you use in lamps. Material is highly dependent on quality.

In the USA stiffel lamps are expensive and highly demanded. craftsmanship takes much time to create a stiffel lamp by doing the design, the carving, and then finishing the final product.

By doing these steps craftsmanship achieves the desire and valuable product. these lamps are premium quality products.

Stiffel stand is made of different material

There are many lamps stands of different materials. Lets discuss these here.

Gold stand

This type of stand is expensive due to its high quality. It looks attractive compared to other stands. Its minimum price is around about 230$. When light lies on, it gives gorgeously shine.

These lamps are of premium quality. The gold lamp stands are much heavier compared to brass and silver, like it is made of pure gold.

Brass stand

A brass stand is duller weight than gold and silver. A brass stand looks like a gold stand due to its light yellow color. Brass consists of copper and zinc.

The price of silver and brass is approximately the same.

Silver stand

Silver stands are about the same shine as gold. But, it is not expensive and gives a better look. Nowadays, a silver and brass stand are frequently used.

Bronze stand

Bronze consists mainly of copper, with about 12.5% tin, and often with other metals like aluminum, manganese, nickel, and zinc.

Sometimes the addition of non-metals, such as phosphorus, or metalloids such as arsenic, or silicon gives useful properties, like strength, ductility, or machinability.

Due to these properties, bronze lamps stands are harder than silver and brass because copper and tin produce the hard property in bronze.

Pewter stand

Pewter known as “poor man’s silver” is a white metal. Pewter is a metallic compound that is mainly composed of tin and has small amounts of other metals to increase its lasting.

The other elements like Lead, bismuth, copper, and antimony improve the pewter compound hardness.

In 18 century British and Roman use the pewter compound in many house items.

The pewter stands bear a resemblance to silver due to their white color.

The pewter stand is an old design and nowadays it’s not used.

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