How tall should a desk lamp be?

Whether you are studying, doing office work, or crafting on a desk, you may need a desk lamp to perform these activities. Because a lamp will make you focus on the things that you do.

For better lighting, you have to adjust your lamp. Desk lamp light depends on its length as well as the position where it lies. The lamp shade and the type of lamp shade you use, also affect the light coming out of it.

Study table lamps are different in styles and features, while decoration desk lamps, or dining table lamps have different shapes and styles.

Traditionally, we use between 28″ to 32″ length desk lamps. In homes and offices, 30″ tall desk lamps are common.

Disk lamp

Where to adjust a desk lamp?

It depends on the type of work that you perform on that desk, how much light you’ll need while doing your work, and what is the size of the lamp. It also depends on the type of lamp you are going to use and for what purpose.

As a general rule of thumb, for studying, DIY, and office work, place the lamp on your desk so its light focuses on the main working area. The dining room lamps should be placed on top of the table while the bedside lamps should be placed in the middle of the desk beside your bed.

Follow the below pro tips to better set your lamp on your desk for maximum results.

Desk Lamp For Study Room

Place of Study Desk

In your living room, put your study desk near a window if you don’t disturb by other activities during your study, OR place it near a wall with no window.

Height of Study Lamp

On exam days student study day and night. Some people like to read books for a longer time. At the late-night, students face low light issues.

So to ease the study, buy a 29″ to 30″ desk and also buy a 30″ to 32″ desk lamp.

Position of Study Lamp

It depends on your choice of where you want to put it but the main key is that use only the flexible cap shade.

Desk Lamp For Office

Place of Office Desk

In the office, a professional decoration designer puts the desk in front of the door wall. Clients focus on the desk as well as the manager at first sight. Leave some gap between the wall and desk.

We recommend you put some toys (airplane, ship, glob, book, fidget toy, etc), or better put some succulents in a beautiful container on the desk.

Height of Office Lamp

Ideally, the perfect height for the office desk lamp lies around 30″ to 32″.

A suitable height of a lamp impacts positively on your work. Always try to use a flexible handle lamp.

Set the lamp like this while you working on a laptop or PC light falls on the keyboard and does not harm your eyes. Set the lampshade to your eye level.

Position of Office Lamp

The perfect position of the lamp on your office desk is the place where you feel most productive and comfortable. Maybe put it on your right side. If its bulb heats up, then keep it away from you.

Desk Lamp For Dining Room

dining room hanging lamp

Place of Desk/Table in Dining Room

In the dining room, the table is usually set in the middle, and usually, we use hanging lamps instead.

If you like a desk lamp place it near the dining table to lit up the meal.

dining room hanging lamps

Height Of Dining Lamp

The space between a Hanging lamp and a dining table should be around 30″ to 36″, to ensure you can reach out to your meal while not touching the lamps.

The gap between dining lamps should be 30″ if used multiple lamps.

Position of Dining Lamp

The middle or center is the better position for the dining lamp.

Desk Lamp For Bedroom

The two side tables give the bed a pretty look. These lamps can be used for study and dim light.

Height of the Bedroom Desk Lamp

Setting the height of this type of desk lamp is compulsory. Because it can create interception in your sleep. Use a dark color shade lamp.

The height of the bedroom desk lamp is 27″ to 30″.

Desk Lamp for Living Room

In the tv room or hall keep two desks with a sofa set. One in the center of the sofa set and the corner.

Put the desk lamp on the corner side desk. Set the shade to your eye level.


Lamp height usually depends on your desk type, i.e. study desk, office desk, dining table, or bedside desk. The key to the height of the lamp is that its light should focus on the type of work you do, while your eyes should be protected from direct light by its lampshade.

In the case of dining table lamps, hanging lamps are best to be used. While for the bedside lamps, there are plenty with beautiful designs that produce dim light, and many are without the need for any lamp shade.

If you have any questions or know something about lamps, desk lamps, or their optimal heights, please share with us in the comments below.

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