Why are wall lamps so expensive?

TL;DR: Wall lamps are expensive because of their manufacturing process and materials used. Usually, they are custom-made for a specific area with a specific design and are mostly made by craftsmen. That’s why they are so expensive.

But if you are happy with pre-made lamps, made by a company, then they might not that much expensive.

The price of wall lamps depends on the kind of wall lamp you want to use and the types of materials used in these lamps. Secondly, manufacturing and design also affect the wall lamps prices.

Here are a few kinds of wall lamps.

Wall washer lamps

Wall washer lamps are used indoors. There is 4 kind of wall washer. You can divide these by their lighting direction.

The first kind of wall washer lamp emits light upward, the second kind emits light downward, the third kind emits light up & down, and the fourth kind lights in all directions.


A Sconce is derived from the Latin word. it is a lamp-holder or a candlestick. It can be fixed on the wall and the user adjusts it easily.

Sconces consist of a lamp-holder, stick, and lamp shade. Some sconce sticks are flexible. Wall lamps are applied at 6.8′ height.

Sconces lamps are used for both indoor and outdoor.

Picture wall lamps

Wall lamps are used to highlight pictures placed on walls of schools, colleges, offices, or even homes having art, memory, celebrities, etc.

To lit light colors in the picture, we use a white LED bulb. Wall lamps add additional allurement to the picture. Usually, long rod bulbs are used or two, three, or four bulbs in parallel are used in wall lamps.

Bathroom mirror wall lamp

Nowadays, attached bathrooms are built with living rooms. Because it is a basic need of every one of us. But, it usually lakes the natural light.

To make a hairstyle, or shave, or wear makeup, we need bright light to do it right. So for this basic problem, we use mirror wall lamps inside our bathrooms.

We put an LED strip around the mirror or install an LED bulb wall lamp on top of the bathroom mirror.

Why are Lamps so Expensive?

Lamps are expensive due to the size of the lamp, the size of the bulb and lampshade, and sometimes, integrated AI (artificial intelligence), etc.

There are five main factors why lamps are so expensive. I.e.

  1. Quality of the material used in the lamps
  2. Manufacturing process
  3. Design of the lamps
  4. Specialize (custom design for specific areas/regions/rooms etc.)
  5. Modern integrated AI

Quality of Materials Used in Lamps

Every customer wants high-quality lamps. Lamp quality depends on the material used in the lampstand, the bulb used in the lamp, and the fabric used in the lampshade.

If you want to learn about the different materials used in the stand then click on the lampstand.

There are four types of fabrics used in lampshades. We discuss these types here so that you can easily understand their types and know about the price and quality.

1: Hessian fabric

Hessian fabric is made from the skin of the jute plant or sisal fibers. There are many products which are made from these plants like nets and rope.

Due to little holes in the hessian fabric, light can easily be omitted from it. Which brings the feeling of natural light rays into the room.

2: Shabby Chic fabric

The chic fabric consists of 32 different colors. It is frequently used for making soft or stiff lampshades. Its minimum price is $15.

It is made of a mixture of polyester and cotton. Many dark colors are found in the chic fabric so you can easily choose your favorite color.

3: Velvet

The velvety means ‘smooth like velvet’. It is the type of woven tufted fabric. thread are arranged in a specific sequence to create smooth and shining fabric.

Velvet fabric is rarely used in lampshades. Shining is the core property of velvet and looks comeliness.


4: Naturals fabric

The natural fabric is made from plants and animals and is the famous one. In the early stage, it was made from wool and dyed flax fibers.

The natural fabric absorbs sweat easily. It has many varieties. The most common variety of natural fabric is a cotton fabric which is produced from cotton plants. Cotton fabric is light in weight and soft.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is the core effect that affects the price of a lamp. Usually, a pre-designed lamp is not that much expensive. But if your interior design needs a customized one, some basic steps need to be followed.

Making a lamp involves

  1. planning for the lamp
  2. Initial shape designs
  3. Selecting a design and making a sample of it
  4. Testing that lamp
  5. And lastly, manufacturing

If the lamp is made in a factory then its price is cheap But if you make the lamp with a craftsman then it is expensive due to time, design, and high efficiency.

Complicated vs Simple Design

Design plays an important role in the price of a lamp. A simple design lamp is not so expensive. You may easily make them yourself too.

There are few companies that manufacture a large number of lamps with selected designs. These types of lamps are available at a low price.

When you go toward a specific design or order a customized lamp you want, their prices are high.

Pieces of lamps are directly proportional to the price.

Specialized lamp

In specialized lamps, we focus on the specific lamp for a specific place. We focus on the size of the lamp, material of the lamp, color and type of the lighting bulb, and shade design.

For example, marble lamps are more expensive than other metal lamps. when you want to buy hand made traditional lamp then it is expensive.

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