How to choose lampshades?

How to choose lampshade

tl;dr: Choosing a lampshade can be an overwhelming task. You need to consider the size of the room you’re decorating, the color scheme, the style, the shape, and the materials of the lampshade you want to use. Some cost more while some looks prettier. We’ll take a look at all of these factors and help … Read more

What is a Stiffel lamp?

What is a stiffel lamp

TL;DR: Stiffel is the company name that produces luxury and branded lamps. A stiffel lamp is a work of art. Artist and professional designer make Stiffel lamps. The first Stiffel Lamp Company was founded in 1932. This company is famous in America due to its unique and touching heart product. It is expensive compared to … Read more

Why are wall lamps so expensive?

Why are lamps so expensive?

TL;DR: Wall lamps are expensive because of their manufacturing process and materials used. Usually, they are custom-made for a specific area with a specific design and are mostly made by craftsmen. That’s why they are so expensive. But if you are happy with pre-made lamps, made by a company, then they might not that much … Read more